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About this template  

This Cool Blue Web 2.0 style template is designed for Blogger Layouts blogs ("new" Blogger) and is completely widget ready.

Despite the simple, clean layout, this template has many advanced features including:

  • Fast page loading time

  • Themed favicon already in place (see top left of the address bar)

  • Integrated blog search form

  • Web 2.0 style logo

  • Navigation bar (which can be customized to suit your needs)

  • Calendar widget

  • Unique wide sidebar layout, featuring a combination of wide and dual narrow columns

  • Three widgets available in the footer section

  • Unique post footer sections, which include a "What next" section for email post links, social bookmarking and "add a comment"

  • Related posts section also in post footer, to link to posts of the same label

  • Author comment highlighting on post pages

  • Rounded corners achieved by CSS instead of images

Plus a few other features too!

You can download this template for free from the Blogger Buster templates section. This template is free to use, and you may modify this in any way you like. All I ask is that the author details in the blog template remain in place, and that the template is not redistributed without a link back to Blogger Buster.

Download the Red Web 2.0 template here

What next?

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